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Of all the stocks, bonds and commodities that are bought, sold and traded, not a single one can eclipse the value of an education. It is the single greatest ingredient to success. Understanding this, L.A. Amundson, owner of Valley Bank and Trust, established his scholarship program in 1993 with a $5 million endowment. As of 2016, the L.A. Amundson Scholarship has awarded 4,600 scholarships in the amount of $5,200,000.

Amundson himself was dependent on the financial help of others to attain his college degree, “There was no chance, not one chance in a thousand that I could’ve ever gone to college without the G.I. Bill.”

Upon discovering there was no widely known equivalent, Amundson took it upon himself to create a scholarship program.

“I was 67 years old already, so my wife and I had a discussion saying… we’ve been blessed with a lot of luck here. What are we going to do in return?” The answer, was simple, the L.A. Amundson Scholarships, Inc. was formed. This was the first effort in what has become a large roster of philanthropic efforts established by Mr. and Mrs. Amundson.

The only requirement for application is that the student’s parent or guardian must have their primary banking relationship with Valley Bank and Trust. To apply for a scholarship, contact us.

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